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Clients Sharing

Clients with many different backgrounds and goals speak up about the success of coaching with Ileana.

"I recommend coaching with Ileana for

anyone - but especially if you need a good kick in the butt."

Let’s face it, nobody likes to be told what to do. Therefore, a coach is only effective if he/she can simultaneously contribute both a pure listening and an honest dialogue that together allow people to come to their own conclusions about the best course of action. Ileana’s coaching has little to do with suggesting you do something specific. Rather, she utilizes her masterful listening as well as her natural cool-factor and spunk to create a comfortable space where those she interacts with can loosen up, talk it out, dwindle in their own perspective, and eventually have their own realization about the best path to take. In that realization lies confidence. In that confidence lies human empowerment. That is the gift of Ileana’s coaching.

~ Josh A. – Advertising Account Supervisor

Before partnering with Ileana, fear was a constant in my life. With Ileana’s help, I have been able to break fear’s grip.  My immediate goal with Ileana was to make a career change and that was exactly the goal we fulfilled.  Deep down though, I knew that I wanted to make some fundamental changes in my life too. Those changes were only going to happen with someone that I trusted and I instinctively trusted Ileana within our initial conversation.  She spoke with so much love and understanding and her reassuring voice and no-nonsense approach was exactly what I needed. I didn’t want someone who was going to give me an easy ride. How is anyone going to reach their goals if they have support that enables complacency rather than engage them to flourish?  Now, I actually look people in the eye and talk to them on the street with pride that I never knew existed. Ileana has been integral to my career and personal transformation.  I reached my goal of finding the job of my dreams and I wouldn’t have done this without her help.


~ Jessica S. – Environmental non-profit (Washington DC)

Ileana Ferreras helped me so much to get out of my head with her inspirational techniques!  I have achieved so much in my coachings with her and truly believe that I am complete after working with her.  Ileana encouraged me in a loving, yet firm way to help me take ownership of my life.  I am very grateful for the time we worked together and believe that I will continue to grow with the tools that I got from her!  - Katherine K

I can say with admiration and zeal that Ileana Ferreras is an amazing Life Coach! Her devotion to guiding others to find their essence, and achieve theirtrue potential is priceless.  Because of working with Ileana, I was able to tap into certain areas that I didn’t even know were holding me back from achieving my true potential.  If you’re looking to eliminate excuses, judgment, and negativity, and create possibility, look no further.  I highly recommend that anyone searching for a Life Coach, contact Ileana.  You will be thankful that you did!  ~ Jamie R. – Personal Trainer

Ileana listens for the bigger context and asks questions that get to the root of the matter – all this in minutes! She cuts through the excuses and complications in a very fresh, direct, funny and compassionate way. When I met Ileana, I was stuck in a very complex emotional situation that I saw no way out of. Her support and encouragement gave me the courage to take actions and now I am exactly where I want to be. Above all, she loves coaching and supporting people and does it with all her love, energy and charisma. I highly recommend her.

~ Xiomara N. – Musician, Teacher

With Ileana’s support, encouragement and love I created strong foundation for love, partnership, career and business. She is unwavering in her stand and belief for what’s possible. She’ll remind you of your dreams even when life has you forget. Allow yourself the opportunity to co-create and collaborate a journey with her. You can entrust her with your most precious dreams. Hiring Ileana as my coach was one of the best choices I could have made.

~ K. Ford – Business Coach (Cayman Islands)

Working with Ileana showed me how to stop getting in my way. The entire conversation of “Yes, but…” was changed. It used to be, “yes, I want to write full time, but I can’t make any money doing it. Yes, I want to travel more, but I can’t afford it. Yes, I want to try new things, but I have too much to do now, and I don’t have time.” With Ileana’s help, (at times VERY patient help), in the past year I’ve started selling my writing, travelled more, and trying new things, including learning to surf at the age of 43. Ileana’s coaching has given me new tools to apply to my world and to shape it to my liking. While I’m still working at it, using those tools, I’m well on my way.  ~ D. Poore, Writer

Ileana has been simply astounding! It’s been nearly a year now and my entire life is aligned as I knew it could be, yet was stuck on how to get there. My life today is everything I ever wanted it to be, and unrecognizable to how it was before we started our coaching. We literally transformed my experience of life from one of a single person working a “job” and hoping for a better life, to a soon-to-be-married person with successful businesses living my dream every day. It’s quite amazing! I’m expanding my abilities to live out life’s potential as a result of our coaching and I truly see no end in site for the growth and fulfillment of everything I do. Ileana is absolutely wonderful! ~ P. Surdi – Musician, Entrepreneur

What I expected when first working with Ileana was to set goals and accomplish them. That was just the tip of the iceberg! Thanks to Ileana’s insightful and powerful coaching style, I was able to make instant breakthroughs on many of my old, dis-serving habits and patterns that I wasn’t even aware of having. I’m more successful than I even intended on being, and believe that my new perception and approach to life and it’s challenges make it nearly impossible for me to ever be less than awesome at life! My business, relationships, and health are all a clear reflection of our work together. Thank you, Ileana!

~ Deganit Nuur, L.Ac. – Owner of Nuurvana

The value that Ileana’s coaching brought to my life is priceless. I honestly did not know who I was before our work together. I now feel that I know what my purpose is in life and can clearly distinguish when I am coming from my essence or when mechanisms for defense are at play. She is truly gifted as a coach and knows the perfect balance between being present for my process and pushing me to be in action. Through her coaching I took action on aspects of my life that I was stuck in for years. And all of this after only 9 sessions! I am truly blessed to have her as a coach.  ~ Denise C. Educator/Jazz Vocalist

Composer Jeff was inspired to edit together his own testimonial video.


"I highly recommend coaching with Ileana for

anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and cultivate authenticity and abundance".

Whole Ciara testimonial un-edited.

"I 've worked with Ileana for three years.  And three years ago I would not have thought I'd be in this place right now!"

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